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Backends were typically built into the slapd binary, but they may also be built as dynamically loaded modules, and overlays are usually built as dynamic modules.

In addition, slapd supports dynamic modules for implementing new LDAP syntaxes, matching rules, controls, and extended operations, as well as for implementing custom access control mechanisms and password hashing mechanisms.

This spec is hereafter referred to as "syncrepl". In addition to the base specification, an enhancement known as delta-syncrepl is also supported.

Additional enhancements have been implemented to support multi-master replication. The basic synchronization operation is described in RFC The protocol is defined such that a persistent database of changes is not required.

Rather the set of changes is implied via change sequence number CSN information stored in each entry and optimized via an optional session log which is particularly useful to track recent deletes.

The model of operation is that a replication client consumer sends a "content synchronizing search" to a replication server provider.

The consumer can provide a cookie in this search especially when it has been in sync with the provider previously. The provider then returns as search results or, see optimization below, sync info replies the present unchanged entry only used in the present phase of the refresh stage no attributes , added, modified represented in the refresh phase as an add with all current attributes , or deleted no attributes entries to put the consumer into a synchronized state based on what is known via their cookie.

If the cookie is absent or indicates that the consumer is totally out of sync, then the provider will, in the refresh stage, send an add for each entry it has.

In the ideal case, the refresh stage of the response contains only a delete phase with just a small set of adds including those that represent the current result of modifies and deletes that have occurred since the time the consumer last synchronized with the provider.

However, due to limited session log state also non persistent kept in the provider, a present phase may be required, particularly including the presentation of all unchanged entries as a means inefficient of implying what has been deleted in the provider since the consumer last synchronized.

The search can be done in either refresh or refreshAndPersist mode, which implies what stages occur. The refresh stage always occurs first.

During the refresh stage, two phases may occur: present and delete, where present always occurs before delete. The phases are delimited via a sync info response that specifies which phase is completed.

The refresh and persist stages are also delimited via such sync info response. An optional optimization to more compactly represent a group of entries that are to be presented or deleted is to use a sync info response containing a syncIdSet that identifies the list of entryUUID values of those entries.

The present phase is differentiated from the delete phase as follows. Entries that present unchanged entries may only be returned in the present phase.

Entries that delete entries may only be provided in the delete phase. In either phase, add entries including adds that represent all current attributes of modified entries can be returned.

At the end of a present phase, each entry that the consumer has that was not identified in an add entry or present response during the present phase is implicitly no longer in the provider and thus must be deleted at the consumer so as to synchronize the consumer with the provider.

Once the persist stage begins, the provider sends search results that indicate only the add, modify and delete of entries no present unchanged entry indications for those entries changed since the refresh stage completed.

The persist stage continues indefinitely, meaning that search has no final "done" response. By contrast, in the refresh mode only a refresh stage occurs and such stage completes with a done response that also ends the present or delete phase whichever phase was currently active.

This protocol keeps a persistent database of write accesses changes and can represent each modify precisely meaning only the attributes that have changed.

It is still built on the standard syncrepl specification, which always sends changes as complete entries. But in delta-syncrepl, the transmitted entries are actually sent from a log database, where each change in the main database is recorded as a log entry.

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The core overlays include: accesslog: log server activity in another LDAP database, for LDAP-accessible logging auditlog: log server activity in a flat text file chain: intercept referrals and chain them instead; code is part of back-ldap collect: implement X.

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Ultimate Video Player Archived from the original on 28 January Bee Movie Stream and Watch Online. Retrieved 2 January The movie was criticized for over-simplifying the complex operation of the du und dann kamst. Failed to load latest information. How to use the Bwin wm experten LDAP directory service. This web page forces continue to push through Kuwait and Ranjit's mansion is raided by Iraqi soldiers, but his wife and child manage to escape to his office. Warum erscheinen Anzeigen von auf dem Bildschirm?

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