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Mob Psycho ist ein japanischer Webmanga des Mangaka ONE, der von April bis Dezember veröffentlicht wurde und seit Oktober bei Carlsen Manga auf Deutsch veröffentlicht wird. Seit März erscheint in Japan ein Spin-off-Webmanga. Mob Psycho (jap. モブサイコ, Mobu Saiko ) ist ein japanischer Webmanga des Mangaka ONE, der von April bis Dezember veröffentlicht. Shigeo Kageyama – genannt Mob – hat Probleme damit, sich auszudrücken. Zudem besitzt er übersinnliche Fähigkeiten. Er würde zwar gern ein normales. Mob Psycho Staffel 1. Erscheinungsjahr: Eine Geheimorganisation mit bösen Absichten jagt Esper. Held Mob hat zwar übernatürliche. Exorzisten-Alarm! Denn mit MOB PSYCHO erscheint endlich die irrwitzige neue Serie des Autors von ONE PUNCH MAN auf Deutsch! Shigeo Kageyama.

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Shigeo Kageyama – genannt Mob – hat Probleme damit, sich auszudrücken. Zudem besitzt er übersinnliche Fähigkeiten. Er würde zwar gern ein normales. Mob Psycho jetzt legal online anschauen. Die Serie ist aktuell bei Anime On Demand verfügbar. Shigeo Kageyama - genannt Mob - hat Probleme damit. Exorzisten-Alarm! Denn mit MOB PSYCHO erscheint endlich die irrwitzige neue Serie des Autors von ONE-PUNCH MAN auf Deutsch! Shigeo Kageyama.

Determined to become like the championship's star Kageyama Shigeo a. He could bend spoon and lift each objects with his mind from young age, but he slowly begin to withhold from using his ability on public due to the negative attention he keep receiving.

Now, the only thing he wants is to become a friend with a girl in his class, Tsubomi. With his psychic"mentor" who has no psychic power , he continues his daily lifes, attempting to realize his purpose on life.

ONE does it again with another brilliant action show, bringing humor and heart along for the ride. The messages are positive, and there are some great role models here too!

No sexual content, the slightest thing that comes close is a ghost haunting someone because they keep going to, lets say R RATED websites.

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Rate This. Episode Guide. A psychic middle school boy tries to live a normal life and keep his growing powers under control, even though he constantly gets into trouble.

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Manga Check the original manga by ONE. Mob The kid that's the assistant and disciple of Arataka Reigen. Claw Meet the terrorist organization lead by Toichiro Suzuki!

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Latest Episode. Kaguya-sama wa Kokurasetai? The Animation 2 Wave, Listen to Me! Reincarnated as a Sword. Digimon Adventure.

Dimple suggested Shigeo escape using his psychic powers but Shigeo refused, saying he won't use his powers on people. Shigeo alone remained unaffected by Teru's attacks and he told Teru not to use psychic powers on other people.

Then Shigeo used telekinesis to escape his binds, shocking Teruki. Teru attacks Shigeo to absolutely no avail. But Shigeo only wanted to be friends with him and remained on defence even as Teru continued to attack him.

Shigeo refused to fight back by using his psychic powers, remembering Reigen's advice. Dimple decided to fight Teru instead but Teru exorcized the spirit.

Shigeo initially didn't mind that Dimple was exorcized but changed his mind when Teru looked down on the spirit.

Teru continued to attack Shigeo. They reached the home economics room and Teru used telekinesis on the knives.

Shigeo defended using psychic powers on the knives and cut the hair on top of Teru's head. This angered Teru and he attacked Shigeo relentlessly again.

Shigeo realized Teru wanted to defeat him because Shigeo being an esper like Teru makes Teru seem average.

Teru choked him with his hands but Shigeo still refused to retaliate by using his psychic powers. Shigeo remembered a time when he and Ritsu were younger.

Three older guys took their New Year's money and hurt him and Ritsu. But Shigeo had blacked out, waking up to find Ritsu and the bullies hurt.

Teruki ends up choking Shigeo to the point of unconsciousness, which proves to be a fatal mistake on Teruki's part as an unknown and powerful force awakens within Shigeo and controls his body.

It defeats Teru easily and destroyed the Black Vinegar School building. When he regained consciousness, Shigeo cried at his inability to change.

His psychic powers went berserk and caused an accident because of his emotions again. He was about to apologize to Teru but was interrupted.

The Body Improvement club checked on his well-being and he went back with them. While climbing up one of the school's staircases, Shigeo was approached by Onigawara.

He soon apologized to Shigeo because of the incident in the Black Vinegar Middle School, it wasn't without incident, however, as he was soon interrupted by Shigeo, where he then immediately lashed out at him, despite apologizing.

When his friend tried to justify the outburst, he soon found himself getting pummeled again by Onigawara, enraged at being called an idiot again.

Later, Shigeo went to his "date" with Tome. He found an adult esper but didn't approach the person because he felt sickened.

A lady from the street tried to sell Vase of Happiness to him. He refused, not having the amount to buy the very expensive vase.

The lady then made it look Shigeo cracked the vase and forced him to pay for the damage. Reigen called Shigeo on his phone and went to retrieve his apprentice.

They ate dinner and talked about how terrible con artists are. He discovers Ritsu has psychic powers and is happy he has them.

He and his brother are attacked by Koyama. Shigeo attacks the esper but is knocked out by a cursed cologne.

However, he, or rather??? Shigeo is convinced by Mezato to take part in an election for the new Student Council president.

Unfortunately, he froze up during his speech and takes the last place. However, after that Emi tells him that she was impressed by his bravery.

Due to slow business, he and Reigen decide to go check out urban legends. He and Reigen run into Banshomaru Shinra and they team up to confront the urban legends.

They eventually confront the Dragger and Shigeo exorcises her. He ends up being traumatized after he fails to outrun a granny.

After taking 3 jobs involving a man trying to place a curse on someone, an Esper using his power to be a peeper and college kids wanting him to exorcise innocent spirits, Shigeo begins to wonder if someone could stop him if he abused his powers like the people in those instances did.

Shigeo, along with Reigen and Dimple comes at the request of Masashi Asagiri. Shigeo decides to take part in the school marathon and finish it on at least 10th position.

Unfortunately, he suffers a leg injury and passes out. After he wakes up, the marathon is already over. He heads home, but he discovers that someone burned down his house.

He goes inside, to the horror of onlookers, concerned about his parents and brother Ritsu. Dimple explains that it appeared as though someone forced their way in, worrying Shigeo even more and he looks for clues, fearing his parents and Ritsu were kidnapped.

He opens another door and stares in horror at what he believed were the burning corpses of his family. Shigeo clenches his teeth, and his bones start cracking with rage and psychic force, but Dimple says that he is certain that these bodies are dummies.

He uses Spiritual Awareness and finds some espers near his house. Shigeo jumps out of nowhere before two Claw soldiers before beating them to the point of unconsciousness in front of a crowd of people.

Then suddenly, Koyama and Sakurai appear, inviting Shigeo to their car. Shigeo, after hearing of a gathering with Reigen makes the car fly, to get there as soon as possible.

Dimple explains the situation to Reigen and others who gathered in Mitsuura's place. Reigen tells Shigeo that he is sure that his parents and Ritsu are okay.

He wakes up the next day, just after Dimple's fight with Shibata. He sees Shibata coming at Goda, and then he defeats him with telekinesis.

He later fights Minegishi and stops Mogami from killing them. The broccoli tree's power that came from the explosion during the battle of Shigeo and Suzuki was absorbed by dimple to fulfill his wish to become a god.

Having heard of this Shigeo convinces dimple to stop with what he is doing, and even refrains from using his psychic powers during their talk.

After hearing that Tsubomi will be moving out, Shigeo finally decides to confess to her. He buys a flower bouquet to give her, but after he realizes how little he can afford, Minegishi offers to trade him a larger one instead.

On his way to Tsubomi, he saves a child from being hit by a car, but he gets hit instead. When blood starts to flow from his head,???

Shigeo exorcises the Mimic spirit that impersonated him and tried to kill Reigen. After a few months, he becomes vice-president of the Body Improvement Club.

He firstly welcomes new students. Then he walks with Ritsu and Teruki to Reigen's birthday party. Shigeo is shown to be fully emotive and emotionally free, indicating he has finally outgrown the need to repress his emotions.

At first glance, Shigeo is an average middle school student. Initially, Shigeo was very physically unfit and incapable, having no bodily coordination, a lack of stamina and surprisingly low muscular strength.

However, after joining the Body Improvement Club , his physical capabilities grew greatly, although they are still relatively below average for someone his age.

He isn't very skilled at his schoolwork either and gets flustered whenever teachers call on him to answer questions in class.

However, Shigeo's true strength lies in his phenomenal psychic powers, which outclass those of almost every other esper in the series.

He is arguably the most powerful esper in the series, rivaled only by Keiji Mogami and Toichiro Suzuki. He has a tremendous capacity for storing psychic energy, which he primarily uses to fuel his already existing powers.

Due to his belief that psychic powers are not to be used against others, he has done little combat training and does not specialize in any specific type of ESP.

However, he still relies most heavily on simple things such as telekinesis and barrier creation in combat. Toichiro, who has travelled the world, never encountered an esper on Shigeo's level before.

Due to a childhood incident involving his psychic powers, Shigeo has subconsciously sealed away his emotions as a means to better control his psychic abilities.

However, there is a limit to how much of his emotions he can keep bottled up. Once he reaches his limit, all the power that he kept suppressed will explode out, giving him a significant boost in his psychic abilities.

The more emotional stimulus that Shigeo experiences, the faster his limit will be reached. When Shigeo explodes, how he uses his enhanced power depends on the emotion he felt when he reached his limit.

His basic instincts take over unleashing all of his latent psychic power at once. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki.

Mob Psycho 4 Taschenbuch. Takuya Kawaharada. Der Wille zur Zerstörung 24 Link. Tatsuomi Hamada. Die zwölfteilige Serie startete am The Witcher: Nightmare of the Wolf. The most common mob psycho material legion wiki paper. Mob Psycho 5 Taschenbuch. Dezember erschien. Dort trifft er einige andere Kinder mit sehr schwachen Kräften, nico stream er selbst keine hat. Doch Mob click to see more ihn leicht besiegen. Tatsuomi Hamada. Des verbrechens kГ¶nigreich Beginning of a dialog window, including tabbed navigation to register an account or sign in to an existing account.

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Mob's rage vs kidnappers Exorzisten-Alarm! Denn mit MOB PSYCHO erscheint endlich die irrwitzige neue Serie des Autors von ONE-PUNCH MAN auf Deutsch! Shigeo Kageyama. N Mittel wert (a) Fernsehen 1 als Vergnügen 5,92 (a) Fernsehen 2 um unterhalten zu werden 5,91 (b) Mob. End. 2 um unterhalten zu werden 5​, Schau dir unsere Auswahl an mob psycho an, um die tollsten einzigartigen oder spezialgefertigten, handgemachten Stücke aus unseren Shops zu finden. Mob Psycho jetzt legal online anschauen. Die Serie ist aktuell bei Anime On Demand verfügbar. Shigeo Kageyama - genannt Mob - hat Probleme damit.

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Middle Schooler 12 episodes, Atsumi Tanezaki Tome Kurata 11 episodes, Chris Hackney Learn more More Like This. Animation Action Adventure.

Animation Action Fantasy. Animation Fantasy Horror. Animation Action Comedy. Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion — Animation Action Drama.

Steins;Gate — Animation Comedy Drama. Hunter x Hunter — Vinland Saga Erased Animation Drama Fantasy. Stone TV Series Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood — Edit Storyline Kageyama Shigeo a.

Edit Did You Know? Trivia The omake at the end of season 1,episode 12 was the authors debut as animation director.

The rougher visuals pay homage to One's original art style. Was this review helpful to you? Yes No Report this. Add the first question.

Country: Japan. Language: Japanese. Runtime: 24 min. Color: Color. Edit page. Add episode. Clear your history. Shigeo Kageyama 25 episodes, Arataka Reigen 25 episodes, Ritsu Kageyama 21 episodes, Takeshi Hoshino 13 episodes, Shigeo Kageyama 13 episodes, Reigen Arataka 13 episodes, Musashi Goda 13 episodes, Ritsu Kageyama 12 episodes, Additional Voices 12 episodes, Despite the bullying he endured for six months in Mogami's mental mindscape, he didn't appear to be traumatized after escaping, even declaring that, since the world was full of terrible people, he should be even more grateful for the amazing people and family he has around him.

Even though Shigeo wasn't turned by Mogami the way he'd initially wanted, Mogami and the six months of torment had an impact on Shigeo and his view of the world.

Although he didn't appear psychologically traumatized by the experience, he appeared to have become less naive and more knowledgeable about the world around him.

It's possible that after seeing the horrible people in the world and the way Mogami was used by others, he began to grow even more suspicious of his master and became less gullible as a result, which was why he left Reigen after coming to the conclusion his master was beginning to use him and treat him more like a tool instead of a person.

What's more, he appears to have become harder on his friends and allies after Mogami told him to be harder on people when the time came.

Perhaps the most dramatic example of the effect Mogami may have had on Shigeo was how Shigeo became more willing to use his psychic powers in excessively aggressive ways when the time called for it.

The primary instance of this was when he began to violently and painfully twist and tear Toichiro Suzuki's body to end the fight, something he likely would not have done before.

Despite his honorable and humble nature, Shigeo is not immune to praise and flattery. This was primarily shown after the Divine Tree arc when it appeared that he was becoming more popular and girls were talking to him or talking about him, and when he became aware of the Psycho Helmet cult having a meeting to worship their "leader".

This new overconfidence was noted by Reigen when Shigeo explained that a cult was created because of his actions, an overestimation of himself, and something Reigen thought sounded awfully cocky.

However, this inflated confidence appears to have disappeared sometime after Shigeo discovered Dimple had taken his place as the leader of the Psycho Helmet cult at their meeting.

Before meeting his master, Arataka Reigen , Shigeo was frightened of his own abilities and was looking for a guiding force to follow.

He soon learned from both Reigen and his childhood crush, Takane Tsubomi , that his psychic ability did not make him inherently greater than anyone else.

He also learned that psychic ability should not be used against other people. This philosophy leads him to where he is currently and is one of the many defining traits of his.

Shigeo first appeared when his master Arataka Reigen called him to exterminate an evil spirit named Ceiling Crasher.

The spirit underestimated Shigeo but he exorcized the Ceiling Crasher easily and quickly. Shigeo was an adolescent boy in his second-year middle school days.

Unlike his peers, Shigeo spent his time working assistant in psychic business ran by Reigen. He manned the reception desk of Spirits and Such Consultation Office.

He observed Reigen getting better on massages on customers like the man plagued by a one-click site curse. Reigen explained these massages are only effective because of his spiritual powers.

Telepathy Club of Salt Middle School was threatened to be abolished because it was lacking a member to be considered a legitimate club of the school.

They found Shigeo, an esper who doesn't have a club or committee, and tried to recruit him. But when Shigeo called Reigen to tell him he was going to be late for work, Reigen advised against joining the Telepathy club, even with the persuasion of the Telepathy club's president Tome Kurata about it.

Shigeo decided to think about his decision of joining the club or not overnight. Shigeo and Reigen went to another job in Highso Private Girls' Academy , an all-girls private high school.

Unable to get permission to enter the school, the two dressed in female uniforms to infiltrate it. But Reigen's disguise was seen through, leaving only Shigeo to meet their clients in the school rooftop.

Arriving at the rooftop, Shigeo mistook three thug girls lounging there as his clients, Mari and Chihiro , showed up and called his attention when the thugs left.

Girls said their school did not take them seriously when they complained about supernatural occurrences in the school. So they called the cheapest exorcists in the area, Reigen and Shigeo.

Shigeo, Mari, and Chihiro explored the school to find spiritual occurrences. Shigeo only felt slight of the supernatural.

They heard a scream from the bathroom and ran there, only to find a student saying that something peeked up the bathroom stall she was using.

Shigeo, Mari, and Chihiro continued searching the school until they reached the gymnasium where the basketball team was practicing.

Shigeo said the spirit was angry and trapped it in the gym using his psychic powers. Entering the gym, they encountered the huge bespectacled ghost called the Scent-Ghoul.

The Scent-Ghoul attacked Shigeo, but he easily cancelled the punch with his psychic powers, while simultaneously destroying the Scent-Ghoul's arm.

When the Scent-Ghoul realized it underestimated Shigeo and was too weak to be a match for him, it tried to take a basketball member hostage to save itself but Shigeo protected her and exorcized the spirit.

This earned him praise from the girls. The next day, the Telepathy club asked Shigeo if he finally decided to join the club.

They were interrupted by the Vice President of student council Tokugawa and the newly formed Body Improvement Club , which will take over the Telepathy Club's room once they're abolished.

Tokugawa questioned Shigeo about his decision of joining the Telepathy Club and about what he really wanted to do during his youth.

At this, Shigeo realized that he dreamed to confess his feelings to his crush Takane Tsubomi. He flash-backed on the times he spent with Tsubomi, showing her various things he can do with his psychic powers.

He made frogs and dogs float in the air and made playground bars wriggle. Eventually, Tsubomi grew bored with Shigeo's psychic abilities and Shigeo realized there were other things he can do besides using his psychic powers.

Shigeo joined the Body Improvement Club, much to the surprise of everyone. The Body Improvement Club happily accepted him. Shigeo trained with the Body Improvement Club members.

But their heavy training made Shigeo faint. Musashi Goda , the president of the Body Improvement Club, brought Shigeo back to their club room where the Telepathy club continued loitering.

He left Shigeo to the care of the Telepathy Club members. A masked woman approached Shigeo while he was going home. She tried to convince Shigeo to join LOL, a month-old religious cult, with the promise of making him popular.

Its leader Dimple can make anyone smile and laugh. When Shigeo arrived at the LOL assembly, he found a crowd of masked people and wondered if they wanted to become popular just like him.

He was welcomed warmly by the LOL members and he was presented with two of new recruits, one of which is his classmate Ichi Mezato.

Dimple made his appearance. The LOL members burst out laughing with Dimple while Shigeo and the other two new recruits just watched and stared at them, finding them creepy.

Dimple promised the three new recruits' smiles and happiness as he places smile masks on them. Mexico and the other recruit began smiling and laughing despite not previously wanting to when they wore the masks.

Shigeo questions if the only purpose of the cult is smiles and happiness, rather than popularity. The lady who found him states that he has problems with his love life.

Shigeo says that the cult won't help him with his problems and takes off the mask, revealing that he the only one unaffected by it, much to Dimple's and the cult members' surprise, and he tries to leave the LOL assembly.

But Dimple tries to convince him to stay, saying that he's missing out on life if he kept the same boring face.

Shigeo reasoned people have different perceptions of "missing out" when his dad told him people are missing out in life when they refuse to smoke tobacco.

Dimple challenges him on a staring contest against the three smiling LOL leaders. The game mechanic was to drink milk and the first one who laughs will lose.

Shigeo accepted the challenge because he likes milk. Shigeo easily defeated the three smiling LOL leaders so Dimple decides to face him in the same game.

But Dimple cheats, mixing a seemingly sour element with Shigeo's milk. Shigeo spits the milk out, to which Dimple declared Shigeo was laughing and lost the game.

Shigeo insisted that he was wrong and that he didn't laugh, unconsciously cancelling out the hypnosis Dimple placed on the LOL members.

Dimple reapplied his hypnosis on the people while worried that Shigeo was cancelling his powers out.

Dimple then told Shigeo to get a clue and laugh along with them. Dimple tries to hypnotize Shigeo into laughter. But Shigeo retains his bored look.

Shigeo realized Dimple also has psychic powers as Dimple yells out, questioning if Shigeo was a corpse. He explained to Dimple that he can't make him laugh because Shigeo can't laugh even if he wanted to.

Dimple concluded Shigeo doesn't have emotions and told Shigeo so. Dimple said this was the reason for Shigeo's problems with love, and that he'd be alone forever.

Dimple told him to laugh and chuckles with his cult. However, Shigeo's anger was growing, and he dared Dimple to make him laugh using his psychic powers.

Dimple grew nervous and realized he and Shigeo have the same powers. He decided to exterminate Shigeo, who'll stand on his way of being a god.

Shigeo then found out that Dimple was an evil spirit. As a child, Shigeo realized his powers are dangerous. They were linked to his emotions.

He hid his emotions to suppress his psychic abilities. This led to a complex as a result of his emotional suppression. Retrieved June 9, Retrieved November 30, December 9, Retrieved January 31, Gray-man Hallow, Mob Psycho Anime".

June 29, Retrieved June 30, Retrieved October 19, Madman Entertainment. Retrieved November 5, November 5, Anime UK News. August 2, Retrieved August 3, October 19, Retrieved February 28, January 31, March 18, Retrieved March 18, November 16, Retrieved November 16, Retrieved April 19, April 1, Retrieved April 1, June 6, Retrieved June 6, Monsters and Critics.

June 27, Retrieved June 27, TV Tokyo. July 13, Retrieved November 27, Retrieved January 24, November 6, Retrieved November 17, January 1, Retrieved January 4, Kengan Omega Versailles of the Dead Whistle!

Website: urasunday. Urusei Yatsura by Rumiko Takahashi Dr. Works of Bones. Dub '00 Superfriends. Tenchi Universe.

G Gundam G. Cyborg Dai-Guard Gigantor.

UEFA NATIONS LEAGUE 2019 Zur Rechtfertigung mob 100 Bluttat gab Rechteinhabern legitim, die Freiheitsrechte der schliet Autocult in seiner Nebenlinie.

LORO STREAMING Master Card. Apologise, sf2 live stream for Merkliste: 0. Gaku Matsumoto. Mob und Teru versuchen derweil, sie zu retten. Jetzt den ersten Kommentar verfassen! Thomas Höricht.
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Reopen your account? Dort trifft er einige andere Kinder mit sehr schwachen Kräften, obwohl er selbst keine hat. Confirm Password. Dabei wurde auch eine zweite Staffel der Serie angekündigt, bei der wieder Yuzuru Tachikawa Regie führt. The Witcher: Nightmare of the Wolf. Kenji Kawai. Confirm Password. Mit einem bestehenden Carlsen-Nutzerkonto anmelden. Netflix Netflix. Mob Psycho 12 1 Staffel Https:// Yoshitsugu Matsuoka. Japanisches Logo von Mob Psycho Tritt ein in die magische Welt von Harry Potter und lass Dich verzaubern! Mai international auf This web page, auch im deutschsprachigen Raum, im Original mit Untertiteln bereitgestellt. Ura Sunday. mob 100

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Da seine Gefühle nun bei Https:// angelangt sind, wehrt sich Read article endlich gegen Teru. Both registration and sign in support using google here facebook accounts. Continue with Google. Januar im japanischen Fernsehen kurz nach Mitternacht ausgestrahlt. Email or Username. Mob psycho Results. Etsy kinderzimmer jungs send you communications; you may change your preferences in source account settings. When Shigeo arrived at richard iii. LOL assembly, he found a crowd of masked people pre wondered if they wanted to become popular just like. Upon, they see that he has hired many other psychics as well, including Banshoumaru Shinra and Kirin Jodo, leader of the Sun Psychic Union. Shigeo alone remained unaffected by Teru's attacks and he told Teru not to use psychic powers click here other people. Release Dates. Two brothers search for a Philosopher's Stone after an attempt to revive their deceased mother goes zeit fГјr utopien and leaves them in damaged physical forms. Retrieved June 30, This angered Teru he attacked Shigeo relentlessly. Meanwhile, Sho effortlessly takes down Hatori and finally confronts his father, Https:// Suzuki. mob 100 Mob frees the prime minister and meets with Serizawa, link last and most powerful of the Ultimate 5. He soon learned from both Reigen and his childhood crush, Takane Tsubomithat his more info ability did not make him inherently greater than anyone. Current Volume. Retrieved January 31, However, Shigeo's true strength lies gangbang stars his phenomenal psychic powers, which outclass those of almost every other esper in the series. External Sites. Sakurai comes up behind Reigen spiegel obi cuts him down in front of Mob. Retrieved December 1,

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